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Asphalt Sealcoating Services

At Action Paving LLC in Colorado Springs, we’re dedicated to satisfying customers with high quality asphalt paving services in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. Our family-owned business provides the best in customer service, and our friendly, experienced professionals deliver outstanding quality of work. For over 40 years we’ve been perfecting our workmanship at asphalt paving, repair, and sealcoating in Colorado Springs. Now we provide the experience and quality you need to make your pavement the envy of the street. We deliver top-notch residential and commercial asphalt and paving services to homeowners and business owners across the Colorado Springs area. We offer free quotes to take care of any needs for asphalt paving or sealcoating in Colorado springs and the neighboring area, so you will know what to budget for before work ever starts. When searching for a highly-skilled company that provides expert asphalt sealcoating near you, Action Paving LLC has you covered.

Seal coating helps asphalt in several ways.

With the constant weather changes here in beautiful Colorado Springs, asphalt can become cracked, broken, unsightly and in disrepair quickly. An uneven surface can cause damage to vehicle tires and present a trip and fall hazard for people of all ages. No one wants a dangerous driveway! Seal coat is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, emulsified asphalt resurfacing product which adds five to ten years of life to your asphalt surface and rejuvenates its aesthetic appeal. Our professional sealcoating in Colorado Springs helps asphalt in several ways:

  • It seals the asphalt to help prevent oxidation
  • Sealcoating helps to keep water, oils, and other chemicals from soaking in and speeding up the aging process
  • It also keeps the natural oils in the asphalt, allowing it to remain flexible for a longer period of time
  • Sealcoating gives the asphalt a smooth surface that makes cleaning, striping, and snow-shoveling much easier
  • Sealcoating will give the asphalt the same deep black look that it had when it was new
Sealcoating Colorado Springs

Our professional crew will thoroughly clean then apply seal coat.

Sealcoating is designed for parking lots, driveways, mobile home parks, airports, apartments, and walking paths. Our process begins with a thorough cleaning and ends with precise application of our environment-friendly sealant. We use a combination spray/squeegee buggy that has hand brush squeegees to apply at the edges for a clean line. It is applied wet then dries with warm, dry weather.

Contact us today to discuss your projects needing asphalt paving and sealcoating in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. If you’ve been asking yourself “Where can I find an experienced professional to do asphalt sealcoating near me?” we’re the expert you’ve been looking for! Conveniently located in Colorado Springs at 4002 N Weber Street, you can call us locally at (719) 505-2114 to discuss your project or fill out our user-friendly contact form. We’ll help you determine what your exact needs are and develop a cost-effective strategy for keeping your pavement beautiful, safe, and fresh for years to come. Call us or send us a quick note with.

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